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3 Hot Issues You Should Know in 2020— Made by N.S.K.D

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Speaking of the behalf on the N.S.K.D, our new website is here to meet everyone. Due to the technology renewal, the site has few features be approved in order to improve the user experience. Scroll down and let’s keep going!

1.New website means benefits

As all you can see from the new website, clean structure and more advanced design brings sensual pleasures during the shopping. Customers can pinpoint their desired product by using our brand categories and filter. Not interested in this new version? Don’t worry; we may move our site to a new server at the end of 2020. The design will be simpler and more advanced.

Oh, forget to tell everyone where the benefit is. The website will post more products than store when it start working steadily, once you register our site, online coupon may applied to your e-mail address directly. Also online sale happens more often even we don’t have those discounts in the physical store.

If you got any question for the products online, we are glad to hear from you by contact our 24 Hours customer service by Instagram or Wechat (or search novascotiakids).

Instagram QR Code

Wechat QR Code

2.We are going to set up a new product line for FEMALE

All of the ready-to-wear women apparel comes from Asian designers which mean not only higher cost performance but also outstanding quality in superior design. We are going to give a hint for the brand below.

Only thing that I can point out is the secret brand have been published on「Harper’s BAZAAR」Leave a little suspense for you and it won’t be that long to show you in our store POP-UP.

3.Visual arts team is READY

Conform to the needs of masses; we set up a new visual arts group to respond. We were asked many times like “How can I join N.S.K.D team?” or “Wut can I do for the store?”. In order to expand our recreational experience, we are going to open amateur model for everyone in Halifax or people travel from other cities. Once someone passes a business card to you, don’t be afraid of it. After the professional shoot and final review, your photo may publish on our seasonal look book and you also got the copyright to upload those pictures to social media or your personal portfolio.

Visual arts team get in charge visual merchandising and display for the store as well. More POP-UP events will come soon…

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